Admission Procedure

Documents to produce a the time of Admission

1. Forms are available in school office during school hours.
2.At the time of admission——

          (a) Original and Xerox copy of Birth Certificate.

          (b)Transfer Certificate.

          (c) Passport size photos should be enclosed along with the form.
3. Admission fees are to be paid at full at the time of admission.

General Instructions to Parents and Students

1. Each student being admitted will be provided with a school calender and Idendity Card which should be brought to the class every day.

If lost should re-issue by paying Rs.100 for calendar & Idendity Card.
2. Parents must go through the calendar to ensure that the child has done the given task.
3. Class Tests, Formative Assessments held for continous evalution , so student should not be absent.
4. Any kind of misconduct or misbehaviour will be severely dealt with.
5. Students must wear the uniform as prescribed by school and should come to school with neat and clean uniform.
6. No “Transfer” Certificate will be issued without clearing dues.
7. Parents/Gurdians should ensure strict regularity in their words attendance.
8. No mobile hone or Money should be given on the ward.
9. Tiffin is a must for all students.Chips , Supari etc not allowed inside school campus.